Villa Paignon is close to the village Montbron  in the Charente department. Montbron also borders the nature reserve "the valley of the Renaudie" and the great Périgord Limousin National Park
 In the Middle Ages, the village became known for the secondary route of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, where many pilgrims passed through. In Montbron its immediate surroundings, you can canoe, hike, cycle & visit the local market on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday mornings.

Other places of interest are: the old town of Angoulême, the recreational lakes of the Haute Charente, the beautiful Périgord Vert, the 18-hole international golf course in Rouzède, not to mention the 'Moulin de Tardoire', a Michelin-starred restaurant 5 minutes' drive away.

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From the ramparts to the banks of the Charente, from the Musée de la BD (comic book museum) to the murals, from the cornuelle biscuits to the aperitif Pineau des Charentes, the list is far from exhaustive. It is just the beginning of a journey of discovery through this city of history, comics and gastronomy

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The Perigord Vert

Peace, nature and water. The region is characterised by forests with lakes and rivers, and small villages and significantly less touristy than the rest of the Dordogne. 

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Haute Charante

For water lovers, on the lakes of Lavaud and Mas Chaban close to Chassenon, you can sail, canoe, surf or catamaran. Lavaud lake also has two sandy beaches. In addition, the two lakes in the middle of the wooded and vast area attract many birds.

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Le Moulin de Tardoire

Le Moulin de la Tardoire is a gastronomic restaurant, which has had one Michelin star since 2020. It is located on an island bordered by the river Tardoire. 

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Golf International Prèze

Located on the border of the departments Charante, Haute Vienne and Dordogne, Lies International Golf of La Prèze, also called the Little Switzerland Charentaise. The golf course offers an atypical course thanks to its natural surroundings, hills, forests and 17 water features.

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