About us

We are John and Derek from the Netherlands and moved to France 3 years ago.

Our background is in computing (IT) and business psychology. A few years ago, we felt the need for a change and decided to look for a new challenge. Central to this challenge was our love of nature, art & culture, architecture and design. So when we visited Villa Paignon for the first time, we were instantly in love, even though the villa was very neglected, with the romantic idea of turning it into a beautiful jewel again!

However impulsive and naive we may have been, as 'the project' turned out to be many times bigger and more complicated than expected, we persevered. We had to overcome many obstacles and sometimes missed our 'old' life with family and friends.

We are now proud of what we managed to achieve.         All the more we hope that Villa Paignon will now become a place, where people can meet, relax and have fun, creating new memories together.

We hope to welcome you to Villa Paignon soon!